Ultimate Recycle Station Set

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Ultimate Recycle Station Set
Ultimate Recycle Station Set
Ultimate Recycle Station Set
Ultimate Recycle Station Set
Ultimate Recycle Station Set
Ultimate Recycle Station Set
Ultimate Recycle Station Set
Ultimate Recycle Station Set
Ultimate Recycle Station Set
Ultimate Recycle Station Set
Ultimate Recycle Station Set
Ultimate Recycle Station Set
Ultimate Recycle Station Set
Ultimate Recycle Station Set

Ultimate Recycle Station Set

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🍺 2 x Stubbie Holders 
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🤟 1 x Bottle Opener Attachment
Easy - Streamlines recycling with a dedicated space for your single-use drink containers.
Clean - Hibag offers a tidy, hygienic solution for storing single-use containers, eliminating mess.
Mobile - Effortlessly transport recyclables, keeping your car clean en route to recycling centers.
Measurable - With a 150-container capacity, Hibag enables precise tracking of refunds and environmental impact.

Ultimate Recycle Station Set


  • 🏆 The Ultimate Recycling Set: Covered for all eligible 10 cent containers. Double the returns with the ultimate recycling set.
  • 🌱 Good Looking, Eco-Friendly Recycling: The Hibag is perfect for 'Containers for Change' in QLD and WA, 'Return and Earn' in NSW and the Victorian Container Deposit Scheme, ideal for sorting glass bottles, plastic bottles and cans.
  • ✈️ Free Shipping: Get your dual-compartment Hibag delivered for free.
  • 💧 Waterproof Design: Each compartment has a stable base insert, preventing spills and glass breakage.
  • 🔄 Easy to Clean: Durable material washable inside and out, eliminating odors.
  • 🏋️ Sturdy Build: New steel matt black frame ensures a strong, suspended, bug-free storage.
  • 🎒 Portable: Double stitched carry straps make it easy to transport.
  • 🚫 No More Mess: Side pockets for disposing of lids and tops, plus Velcro tape to secure contents.
  • 📦 150 Capacity: Fits 150 containers, potentially earning $15 per full bag.
  • 📦 100 Capacity: Fits 100 containers, potentially earning $10 per full bag.
  • 🛍️ Space-Saving: Collapsible and lightweight, made from high-quality Oxford cloth and PE film.
  • 🌎 Worldwide Shipping: Dispatched fast from our Australian distribution center.

Order now and join the effortless recycling movement with Hibag! 🌿💚

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What Our Customers Are Saying


“I bought the hibag 3 panel Station! AMAZING! Makes the collecting so much easier and no bags or boxes down the side of the house! I’ve had friends already ask “where do I get one” Thank you to Shaun for great communication and the delivery was on point!!!”

Allison S.


“At first I thought there was no way it would hold 150 containers but after our first use during a party we were presently surprised. With guests having somewhere they can dispose of their empties made clean up a breeze the next day. Not one can or bottle was left out! So this was the Best Buy ever!!”

Nicola U.

made clean up a breeze

“We set up our hibag and used it during a BBQ at our place on the weekend. It was so nice to not have to worry about collecting up all the empties, finding somewhere to put them and deal with them leaking everywhere! Our guests put their empties straight into the bag. Neat, tidy, and no double-handling. We just popped the bag back into the garage afterwards. This is a gamechanger for recycling and just keeping things clean - can't wait to fill the bag and cash it in! Love it.”

Daniella M.

no double-handling

Why You Need The hibag

hibag will take your good container recycling efforts from a sloppy, messy, dangerous pile of trash to a Neat, Organised and Efficient habit that contributes to a cleaner Australia and puts money in your pocket!
  • Makes good sustainable habits, Effortless, in the home or office

  • Holds 150 Containers, thats $15 at your local refund point

  • No more broken glass

  • no more dangerous single use plastic bags

  • Enjoy a clean car when transporting to the recycle centre

  • Teach the kids great recycling habits and the value of recycling


Make Recycling Effortless

Hibag - Mobile Recycle Station


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