Cashing in on 10c Containers: Your Guide to Victoria's 10c Recycling Scheme

Cashing in on 10c Containers: Your Guide to Victoria's 10c Recycling Scheme

Good news for all Victorians! The state government has finally put forth a proposal for a container deposit scheme due to be launched in 2023​1​. This ends Victoria's status as the only state or territory in Australia without such a scheme. The proposed model is designed to reduce waste, provide opportunities for local businesses and community groups, and create hundreds of jobs.

Under the scheme, Victorians will receive 10c for every eligible empty beverage container – can, small bottle, and carton – they drop off at a collection point. These collection points will include shops, vending machines, and drive-through depots. There are also plans for pop-up collection points at music festivals and other special events​1​.

Let's answer some questions you may have about this new development:

1) Does Victoria do 10c recycling?

Yes, starting from 1st November 2023, Victoria will be offering a 10c refund for each eligible beverage container returned to a collection point. The container deposit scheme, known as CDS VIC, will cover most beverage containers larger than 150ml and smaller than 3L made from aluminium, glass, plastic, steel, and liquid paperboard​2​.

2) Where can I get my 10c refund in Victoria?

Refunds can be claimed at TOMRA return points in Western Regional Victoria and Western Metropolitan Melbourne. The refund options include cash vouchers, digital payouts, or donating to charity. You can either redeem cash vouchers at local retail partners or register for an account on the CDS Vic App to get digital payouts via Bank Transfer, PayPal, or E-voucher​2​.

3) Can you recycle cans in Victoria?

Yes, cans, along with small bottles and cartons, are all part of the recycling scheme. You can return these items to designated collection points to receive your 10c refund​2​.

4) Can cans be crushed for refund in Victoria?

While it's best not to crush your containers or remove the labels as scanners need to identify the shape, label, and barcode to register your refund, containers can be lightly crushed. Completely flattened cans might not be accepted, but those crushed with a can crusher are fine. Damaged containers, as long as they are eligible for return under the container deposit scheme, will receive the full deposit fee refund​2​​3​​4​.

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The 10c recycling scheme is not just about cash refunds. It's an opportunity for all Victorians to play a role in improving the recycling system, reducing waste, and reducing litter in our environment. So, let's embrace this exciting change and make the most of it!

Remember, your recycling efforts can make a significant difference. Let's all do our part to keep Victoria clean and green!